Drum Instructors Wanted


Could this be a job, (ie; career or profession), for you?

  • I'll provide you with all the 'printable' lessons you'll need.
  • I'll show you how to do it all.

This 'could' change your life and your future! Check it out, completely.

There's a HUGE demand for drum instructors almost everywhere!

Teach my proven drum set lessons and methods to people in your own neighborhood, and get paid, $30 to $60 per hour!

Are you aware that most beginning drum instructors can START OUT at full pay? It's a simple matter of what your local market will allow. Much will depend on whether or not the teacher has the ability to impress each student well enough to keep them coming back, week after week.

My Drum Instructor's Guide is designed to help any adequate drummer do just that!

The drum lessons you are studying at this web site (drumdrums.com), have already been pre-designed for your success. The lessons are already prepared for you, ( See any of the 'Lesson Menus', at drumdrums.com.)

You will teach my drum set lessons, in private one-on-one sessions, at a location in your own neighborhood. My 'Instructor's Guide' will even show you numerous cost-proof ways to get setup, and working, within hours.

This complete course has been pre-designed to get results, regardless of who may be explaining the lessons. If you are studying the lessons, and teaching yourself to play . . . It means, you can probably teach others and get paid for doing it.

I've devoted my entire life and career towards making each of the lessons self-explanatory and easy to follow. It produces working-drummers almost every time (with, or without a live instructor!)

If you can play drums reasonably well, and if you are personable and patient, you may have what it takes! You might possibly begin making a great living (or part-time income), as a drum teacher, right away.

I'm assuming you have already been studying the lessons and have gained some expertise at the drum set. If this is true, then the next step for you, may be right here. Just print my lessons and explain them to other people. If you've studied any of my online lessons, you already know this method is the best on the planet. It can become YOUR secret weapon to success, if you have the vision and foresight to get-in on this.

My course virtually teaches itself! 
However, it's just human nature; People PREFER TO VISIT a 'live' teacher once a week! Fill that void and they'll pay you handsomely. All you have to do is guide them a little, here and there. My new Drum Instructor's Guide will show you exactly what to do, and say. It's easy, and great fun, too!

Good drum instructors get paid on the average of $30 to $60 per hour here in the U.S. The scale may be less in foreign countries, but it still pays VERY well, almost everywhere in the World.

Let's examine the possibilities . . .


DARE TO DREAM! Consider the following 'job description' as your own, for a moment. Think as if it were something you MIGHT want to do part-time, or potentially . . . as a lifelong career. Sure! You'll have to work at it, but it's still about the easiest job you'll ever love.


  • Be your own boss!

  • Rise and shine at noonish. Go to work around 3:00 pm!

  • Decide when (what days) you'll work, and when you won't.

  • You'll decide your own hourly wage ($30 to $50) from the very beginning.

  • Begin part-time, and grow to full-time, usually within 6 months or a year.

  • This job eventually pays $30 to $60 (or more) per hour. You can easily be making a great hourly wage, in under 6-months. (Maybe with a little luck, talent, and courage, you can be doing it within the next couple of weeks.) Much will depend on your own positive attitude, and your willingness to get started. I'll show you the rest!

  • HUGE DEMAND! Drum instructors are in huge demand nearly everywhere in the World; Especially, in small towns.

    Is there a drum instructor within a 15 mile radius of your home?

    If not, then you might begin filling that void as early as tomorrow. It doesn't matter if you live in South Africa, or Poteet Texas; The demand for your teaching services probably exists wherever you are living, right now.

    DO THIS TEST . . . 
    Check around within your own current neighborhood! Is there a drum instructor operating anywhere close by? What are their rates? After you've done some checking within your own home area, I think you'll see the amazing opportunity I'm describing! It probably exists right there where you live, right now. I can get you doing it by this time tomorrow, if you've been following, and have learned to play, using my lessons.

  • Yes! Intermediate drummers can easily do this, and I'll prove it. I'll show you exactly what to teach, when to teach it, and how to teach it! You are probably good enough to begin right now, though you just don't realize it.


    • If you can jam with most of the songs you hear on the radio, you are probably ready to try your hand at teaching.

    • If you can explain and execute the first 15 of my lessons, you are probably ready to begin teaching.

    You probably could begin teaching beginner students right away. All you need is a little professional help, getting started. You'll gain proficiency as you go. Every teacher on earth has had to start somewhere! This can become YOUR starting place. You'll grow as you go!

  • Learn from a seasoned vet. I have over 50 years in the business. I've already devoted my entire life and career, towards preparing ALL the lessons you'll be needing to teach your own students. You will not have to grope in the dark for lesson material. Just follow my lesson plan. I know exactly what you'll need to do, and exactly how you should set about doing it. My 'Drum Instructor's Guide' will give you the inside secrets on exactly how to do it.

  • With my help, you'll not have much of an investment to get started, either. I'll provide you with valuable secrets that should easily catapult you into this lucrative career in as little as one day. You may possibly be launching this lifelong career by this time tomorrow, if you'll read and follow my step-by-step advice in 'The Drum Instructor's Guide'.

  • My Drum Instructor's Guide is like a complete franchise that you can purchase for under $100.

    Where on earth can anyone enter into a franchise of any sort for under $100?

    Think about it!

    • My course will provide the written lessons.

    • You'll explain the techniques and show the students how to play.

    • You'll print the lessons on your printer, and get paid.

    How difficult is that? You'll show your students all the ins-and-outs of drumming, MY WAY. You'll teach your students one-lesson-at-a-time. They'll come to you (or you can go to them), on a weekly basis, and you'll be paid well for each 30-minute lesson you teach.

    My 125-lesson (complete) course is a proven method that will help guarantee your success.

    All you'll have to do is follow my simple, easy, lesson plan. Your students will progress just as rapidly as mine do. The secret is in the lesson plan. It has taken me nearly 50 years to develop it, and it works! All you have to do is present it in such a way that others can learn from it too.

  • WORK HOURS: 3:00 pm until 7:30 pm, 5 to 6 days per week, (as you prefer.) You'll call the shots because you'll be totally 100% self-employed.

  • VERY satisfying, prestigious work. Enjoy the thrills of seeing others grow and gain from your knowledge.

  • Get paid VERY WELL to learn. Earn up to $40 per hour as you learn. It's possible to make even more, as you gain popularity, credibility, and expertise as a teacher. You'll grow into all that as you go. It's a simple matter of gaining the fortitude to get started!

  • Intermediate drummers can often begin teaching at virtually any age, location, or economic status. Age is NOT a barrier! If you can communicate with people (peers) your own age, you can probably teach anyone who doesn't already know how to play drums. All you have to do is get them to sit still and listen for a few minutes. If the quality of your help facilitates learning, they'll return and pay for your help, week after week. (The quality is actually built-in, because you'll be teaching MY lessons and MY methods! I know that these methods and lessons are the absolute BEST on the planet!)

    NOTE: I'm not suggesting that any 10-year-old child can immediately make $30 per hour as a teacher. Younger kids will be teaching mostly their friends and peers in the beginning.

    I am suggesting that teaching is a talent like any other talent; It can, and should, be encouraged, cultivated and honed at any age the child feels a desire to give it a try. With time and experience, the child CAN possibly be making top dollar, at a VERY young age. I will suggest that a gifted child who plays drums well, might make more per hour as a teacher than they might make delivering newspapers or bagging groceries at the local super market, after school. A kid with the right attitude and talent might just produce some amazing results, teaching their friends and peers, in the neighborhood, part-time. Teaching drum set techniques via this method might easily become a great catapult towards future income (or a career) as a teacher, once the child matures.

  • Startup costs are virtually zero, my way! I'll give you my best tips and secrets on how to save a fortune as you pursue this. If you own a drum set, I'll show you several ways to begin teaching with absolutely NO STARTUP costs, other than my Drum Instructor's Guide, and the lessons of my complete drum course.

  • I've been doing this as my full-time profession since the mid-1960s. I'll share secrets that are so simple, practical, and easy, it will completely blow your mind! You'll want to begin doing it, the same day you read my short, easy, Drum Instructor's Guide.

  • Communicating skills are a must. But, even if you aren't a great communicator at this point in time, you can and will become a great communicator quickly, as a teacher. Teaching may be exactly what you need to do for awhile, if you want and need to sharpen your communicating abilities.

Forget the myth that you have to be a 'nationally known' MONSTER drummer to begin teaching. Nothing could be further from the truth! Even a beginning drummer can teach, as long as the teacher knows more than the student.

Think of it this way. 
What if a kid was to begin teaching (friends and peers) at a very early age, (say, ages 12 to 14?) How great would that kid become at teaching, by the time they are 20, 30, or 60 years old? The point is . . . It's never too soon to try! This same child may just find their niche in life, before leaving Jr. high school! (I'd like to meet anyone face-to-face who might argue with that idea!)

What could be wrong with that? Even if the child decides to do other things later, as a career, this is still one option they might always fall-back on, if necessary.

The important thing is this: The 'teacher-to-be' needs to enjoy communicating, and they need to enjoy the process of teaching. (Some do, and some don't, but we never know until we've given it a try!) Age is not a barrier with this. I keep saying this, because I truly believe it! I know it may sound insane to some (negative, cynical types), but I honestly believe it, and I believe I can prove it!

  • I want to show you how to get started immediately, with virtually no startup expenses. I'll save you a fortune on advertising and studio space.

  • Learn my tricks, and you'll be on your way. You can begin immediately!

  • Students will line-up at your door, once you discover my easy way to put the word out. I'll show you exactly what to do and say. It's so easy and practical, you'll be compelled to do it immediately.

  • I'll show you how to acquire your first students, as early as tomorrow.

  • You'll discover my special advertising tricks too. You won't drop a fortune on advertising! You'll learn how to get initial, paying-students calling you, at virtually no cost.

  • I'll also show you (older student/teachers) how to easily take over the BEST teaching location(s) in your area. It can be done in as little as six months. I'll even show you how to established yourself as the BEST teacher in your chosen locality.

I'll dispel all your inner-fears and self-doubts. Those are the major hurdles. YOU may be your own worst enemy! Your own negativity will hold you back, more than anything else. Hopefully, I'll help eradicate your doubts, fears, and cynicisms. I sincerely want to see you on your way to success, immediately. You can probably do this very easily, once you know the way.

I'll show you the way! My Drum Instructor's Guide has been designed to do that. It'll help you find (or build) the needed confidence. You'll read it, then act on it, and you'll become a teacher one-step-at-a time.

I hold the secrets to making it so easy you won't believe it. I've been teaching drums since age eighteen. I too, began as an intermediate drummer, and I've been teaching drums professionally my entire life. I've tried other vocations, but no other vocation has ever satisfied me as much as teaching. Actually, I would probably teach for fun, if I didn't know how EASY IT IS to get paid for doing it. Getting paid is easy, once you've taken all the right steps.

If you can play, and your student can't, you CAN teach them what you know! The more you know, the more you can teach! You'll be teaching MY lessons.

If you understand MY lessons, and if you've learned to play as a result of those lessons, teaching my material to others will be easy!

Teaching music ISN'T about gaining certificates, or diplomas! We do not need any of those things when teaching music or art. Teaching is about communicating! It's about showing others how to do the things you know how to do. It's fun and fulfilling!

No certificates, diplomas or licenses required!

Don't forget! I've been doing this for a living, my entire adult life. I've encountered every pitfall and problem over the years, then found the needed solutions.

I've also thought long and hard about all this for a very long time, before posting this little presentation online. I'm convinced I can easily help you find your own niche in this fun, exciting, vocation. I want you to find it for yourself, just as I found it, quite by accident, over 40 years ago.

I want the chance to become your mentor. I'm now in my golden years (age 65), with a lifetime of very valuable playing and teaching knowledge under my belt. I want to pass it on to people just like you. I want YOU to enjoy the fulfillment and happiness as a teacher, that I discovered by accident at a very young age. I want you to take this knowledge I've gained over the many years, and keep it alive and perpetuating indefinitely. If you've been studying my lessons, you already have a lot of my knowledge, but now I want to REALLY help you find your way into the very lucrative profession of teaching. The odds are very high in your favor that you can begin doing this immediately (with my help.) It's quite possible, you may go on to do it the remainder of your life . . . just as I have done.

I'll go to my grave totally honored, just knowing I've helped others find the same career that has supported me, and kept me happy all these years.

You'll discover all my secrets concerning how to attract paying students. More importantly, I have developed a failsafe plan that will show you just exactly how to find them, hold them, and keep them coming back to you, week after week, and lesson after lesson. If you learn to do it MY way, your students will often stay with you for up to two years or more. They'll show up on a weekly basis, and pay you $15 to $25 for each thirty-minute lesson, week after week.

By the time your first student has reached the ultra-advanced level, you'll be well ahead of the student. In essence, you'll be getting paid to advance your own skills, as your students advance. You'll be forced to study and practice every day, because you'll be getting paid to do it.

DO THE MATH! If you can teach 6 students per day, at $40 per hour ($20 per 30-minute lessons), you'll make up to $120 per day. Are you making more than that now in a 3 hour work day?

TEACHING IS THE BEST TEACHER! You will master everything as you go over it day after day, with your own students. All you have to do is stay one or two lessons ahead of your best students. After that, you'll be prepared to easily take all your future students to any level.

How do you think I began my teaching career? How do you think anyone has ever done it? We started, and we learned a little something each and every day.

You can do it too! The good news is . . ., I've already prepared the path for you to follow. All you have to do is follow my lead. Purchase 'The Drum Instructor's Guide', and begin immediately.

Teaching tends to command a certain amount of respect that few other vocations offer. Drum teachers, most often find their way to the top of the list, when area bands are looking for a drummer.

It's a fact!

Some of my own best gigs came to me as a result of my own local popularity as a teacher. When a band leader is looking for a new drummer to replace the old drummer, they'll often seek out the best known teacher in town. What if that teacher is you?

My guide, though it's really very short, will spell everything out in detail. It is a VERY short course, but it's extremely explosive. I've purposely kept it short, sweet, and directly to the point. If you play already, you'll be ready to start teaching immediately. Teaching is really a VERY easy thing to do!

If you are one who enjoys communicating and 'talking drums' with other drummers, you'll digest the whole thing in under and hour. You'll be on your feet and doing it in as little as two hours, (if you are ever going to do it at all.)

Why wait? That's my question to you!

Your future begins here . . .


Sign-up for my E-book, 'The Drum Instructor's Guide' now. You can be launching a part-time (or lifelong) career as a drum instructor, by this time tomorrow.

The price is $45.00 (US funds.)

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